What is the difference between a standard Laureldale's Note and a Bonus Laureldale's Note?

Standard Notes: Upon reaching certain point accumulation thresholds, you will be eligible for standard Laureldale's Notes. For example, Members with Conscious Consumer and Dedicated Partner status will be issued a $10 Laureldale's Note for every 1,000 points earned and Members with Pragmatic Idealist and Model Philanthropist status will be issued a $20 Laureldale's Note for every 2,000 points earned.

Bonus Laureldale's Notes: From time to time, we will offer the opportunity to earn Bonus Laureldale's Notes. For example, in the past we have offered Spend and Get events where customers could qualify for a Bonus Laureldale's Note if they spent a certain amount in qualifying purchases during a specific period of time, subject to specific qualification requirements, exclusions and restrictions, as identified with the offer. These promotional opportunities are not predetermined and are developed at the sole discretion of Laureldale's.