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Because we care …

Laurel's Story
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Mission: not impossible!

Our mission is to directly link consumer shopping with charitable giving. We believe people need and want opportunities to help others, so Laureldale’s has created a business model that makes it simple.

As a company we believe in helping others …and you do too!

We believe that—together—we can put people ahead of both profit and product. That’s a goal we hope never goes out of fashion!

A vision in focus

To forge opportunities for consumers to use their buying power to help others…

You’re an intelligent consumer who wants great deals on the items you love… Yet why should that prevent you from adding others into the equation?!

Our philosophy at Laureldale’s is that—together—our success and your happiness will bolster the success, happiness, health and opportunities of many others as well.

Why not?!

We can have a successful business AND still help support these amazing charities.

You can shop for exquisite clothes at great prices AND practice the precious art of giving.

It’s a win-win situation. And if we work together we know it can work!


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